Keeler Tavern
Board of Directors


Hildegard M. Grob, Executive Director,

Mary Ann Connors, Associate Director,

Angela Liptack, Associate Director,

Erika Askin, Curator of Collections,

Joel Third, President
Hilary Micalizzi, 1st VP
Chery Crowl, 2nd VP
Rhonda Hill, Treasurer
Dianne Tartaro, Secretary

Barbara Cmiel, Comm. Relations
Connie Fenton, Membership
Elise Haas, Publicity
Karen McChesney,Curator of Exhibitions
Margo McEachern, Gift Shop
Charlie Pankenier, Marketing
Maureen Tucker,Special Tours
Phyllis Robertson, Maintenance/ Restoration
Sabina Slavin, Chamber Music
Patricia Stephens, Archives
Terese Waite, Youth Services

Endowment Fund Trustees

Phyllis Robertson, Chair
Michael Breede
John Connors

Thomas Corry
Elise Haas
Keith S. Harriton, Esq.
Deborah Hayes
Richard Jabara
Edmund R. McGill
Greg Pepin, CPA
David Schneider

Sabina Slavin
Cheryl Patterson Zaic

The Keeler Tavern Museum was founded by the Keeler Tavern Preservation Society, Inc. in 1966 as a living museum of colonial history within the town of Ridgefield, Connecticut. It is the Society's mission to preserve and protect the Keeler Tavern, a site listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1982, that embodies the life of the community from the early 19th century through the mid 20th century. The Society is committed to promoting Ridgefield's history and heritage by providing educational and cultural programs that interpret the past for present and future generations. The history of the Tavern and the Town of Ridgefield is reflected in the stories of the families who lived here. The archives of the Museum include extensive documentation and records from the Keeler, Resseguie and Gilbert families. The Keeler Tavern Museum relies heavily on the support of its members and volunteers. It is governed by a President and a working Board of Directors. The Museum is supported by membership, fundraising events and donations. The Keeler Tavern Museum has a growing Endowment Fund to provide financial security for its future.

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Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday
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