Battle of Ridgefield

On April 27, 1777, the war for American Independence came to the
Keeler Tavern. After burning the storehouse of American supplies
in Danbury, Connecticut, British General Tryon and his troops
returned to Long Island Sound. To avoid encounters with colonial troops led
by Generals Benedict Arnold, Benjamin Silliman and David Wooster, and suspecting patriots, including Timothy Keeler, were operating out of the
Keeler Tavern's cellar, Tryon took a detour through Ridgefield. Fighting
from behind a barricade on North Main Street, the patriots delayed, but
did not defeat, the advancing British troops.

After the battle Tryon marching south through Ridgefield, set
up a cannon on Main Street and fired on the Keeler Tavern.
A cannonball hit the building and still remains
imbedded in a corner post.

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