#HandsOnHistory: It Takes a Village

Every fall the historic barn at Keeler Tavern Museum & History Center comes to life with an exhibit using our collection of historic trades tools!

It Takes a Village is an exhibit that explores the economy of Main Street in Ridgefield through the 18thand 19thcentury. Using maps, images, and tools from our collection which are featured in the exhibit, a museum educator walks students through a presentation on the interdependent economy of a New England town. Students will explore the popular myth of farms being self-sustainable and self-supporting by looking at the myriad of trades—from blacksmith to cordwainer—that were needed to keep a community thriving.

Recommended for grades 3–5 but can be adjusted for older grades.

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Extend the Learning

Interdependent Economies

This 3-day lesson plan and activity from Scholastic helps students understand that communities were dependent on all thepeople to help provide for the community’s success. It also includes instructions for setting up a classroom marketplace!

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Virtually visit the tradespeople at Colonial Williamsburg to learn more about a specific trade. One of our personal favorites is the Margret Hunter Milliners Shop! Did you know that Martha Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson’s wife, had 16 gowns, 9 petticoats, 18 aprons, and 20 shifts in her wardrobe? And no, she did not make her own clothing.

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