Battle of Ridgefield

The Battle of Ridgefield was the only inland battle fought in Connecticut during the Revolutionary War.

On April 27, 1777, British troops marched towards Compo Beach after they destroyed the supplies stored for General George Washington’s Army in Danbury. On their journey south returning to their ships off the coast of Westport the British encountered and battled with 700 patriot fighters, who were well armed and ready to defend their land and freedom.

Ever ready for battle, the Americans successfully erected a barricade across the north end of Ridgefield’s main street. The American Militia, led by Generals Benedict Arnold and Gold Selleck Silliman, met the British at the barricade and staved them off of further attack.

Upon their retreat further south, the British fired a cannonball – a visible “souvenir” – at T. Keeler’s Inn, where it remains lodged in one of the Keeler Tavern corner posts to this day.

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