Planned Giving

Yes, You Too Can Leave A Legacy!

Join The 1772 Society

You don’t need to be wealthy or have special financial expertise to make a planned gift. All you need is a generous spirit and the desire to make a contribution that lives on to be enjoyed by future generations.

Today Keeler Tavern Museum, its visitors, and the townspeople who pass our site every day enjoy a legacy—one left by the generations of Keelers who built and expanded the tavern, the Gilberts who transformed it into an elegant summer retreat, and the museum founders who saved the property and established its educational purpose in 1966. You can build on their legacy and ensure the museum’s future by becoming a member of The 1772 Society.

hero.planned-giving.01 The Cass Gilbert Family, 1928

Why Consider a Planned Gift?

With a planned gift, you ensure that future generations will embrace our mission to understand the significant people, places and events of America’s 300-year history that shape citizenship and culture now—and will in the future.

Planned gifts support the Museum’s Reserve Fund, ensuring our financial future. Planned gifts may also provide a number of financial benefits to you, the donor, including tax savings and reduced capital gains and estate taxes. (Please consult with your attorney and/or tax advisor to understand the benefits that apply to your own situation.)

Planned gifts can be received by the Museum through your will or during your lifetime. For more information, please contact the museum office or call our executive director,Hildi Grob, at 203.438.5485. Your inquiry will be kept in confidence and places you under no obligation.

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